Trading Central, an excellent trading partner

Trading Central, an excellent trading partner

In a dynamic world like the financial one, getting info and the speed by which you reach it is what really makes the real difference in your trading decisions. This is the reason that inspired to create an exceptional partnership with Trading Central, a leading company in the financial industry and a well-known provider of information and analysis support for the financial markets. Trading Central is a new addition to the free tools portfolio dedicated to its customers, offering them an exclusive access to a modern, up to date and detailed technical analysis reports for currencies, precious metals and indices.

Here are some of Trading Central services reserved for clients:

  • “Analyst Views”
    As a unique combination of senior market expertise, the Analyst Views are able to offer you technical insights over the market, as an elaborated analytical output presented to you by a global team of top-notch market technicians.

  • “TC Alpha Generation”
    This service combines technology and independent analysts views, enabling you to obtain better insight of the market and to understand the recent trends.

  • “Strategy Newsletter”
    This comprehensive newsletter keeps you informed with the latest market updates and news, helping you to define and evaluate the investment and trading conditions in a timely, proper manner.

  • “TC Market Buzz”
    The smart widget was conceived for traders who are always on the go and who don’t have enough time to read all the news of the economic channels. With the help of the Market Buzz you can rapidly spot the stocks and topics which are “buzzing”.

You can start using the Trading Central services now, by opening or logging in to your account!

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